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Windows and .NET information
Secure .NET Programming podcast
The audio podcast accompanying the Secure .NET Programming presentation by Adam Getchell, Scott Kirkland, and Alan Lai
Secure .NET Programming
A presentation of secure .NET programming techniques developed by CA&ES Dean's Office programmers (Scott Kirkland, Alan Lai, Adam Getchell)
Windows Vista notes
Some notes we've made about using Vista in production
UC.NET developer discussion
A webcast of a developer discussion with David Gardner and Joe Lumia on Microsoft .NET development technology. There is a 2-3 minute gap in the middle due to discussions of NDA material.
Guidance - Infrastructure & Application
Best practices and methodology for infrastructure and application deployment
Resources for Architects & Developers
Links to resources on Development, Architecture, Life-cycle Guides, Web Services, Security.
Visual Studio 2008 RC logs