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Guidance - Infrastructure & Application

Best practices and methodology for infrastructure and application deployment

Note: Before you install any software (Microsoft or otherwise), please carefully read the requirements (follow order of installation as documented)


Before Configuring IIS 6.0

Security Best Practices

Installing IS 6.0

Backing up & Restoring Metabase

Common Tasks in IIS 6.0

Everything about II6.0

Windows Server 2003 Security Guide

Windows 2000 Security Best Practices

ASP.NET Administration


Preparing Web Server

Cluster Network Configuration Best Practices for Windows Server 2000/2003

Cluster Configuration Best Practices for Windows Server 2003

Cluster Security Best Practices for Windows Server 2000/2003

Features in Windows Server 2003 Clusters

Guide to Create & Configure Clusters

How-To: Clustering Windows Server 2003


Network Load Balancing Best Practices

NLB Security Best Practices for Windows Server 2000/2003

Load Balancing

Book: Improving Web Application Security

ASP.NET Web Application Security

Book: Building Secure Microsoft ASP.NET Applications

Application Security

Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) (Operations Methodology)

Microsoft Systems Architecture (Prescriptive Guidance on Infrastructure for Data Centers)

Creating ASP.NET Web Applications

.NET Development & .NET Framework

Book: Application Architecture for .NET

Enterprise Solution Patterns in .NET or Book: Enterprise Solution Patterns Using Microsoft .NET

Deploying .NET Applications

Operating .NET Applications or Book: Operating .NET Framework-based Applications

Monitoring .NET Applications

Life-Cycle Guides