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Resources for Architects & Developers

Links to resources on Development, Architecture, Life-cycle Guides, Web Services, Security.


Features: VS.NET Editions & MSDN Levels

VS.NET Guided Tour & JumpStart Sessions

ASP.NETResourceKit | VB.NET Resource Kit

ASP.NET+WinForm Tutorial & HandsOnLab

101 Code Samples in VB.NET? C# Samples

ASP.NET Sample Applications ASP-ASP.NET

Windows Forms, Samples & Deployment

How to Articles Common Tasks in ASP.NET

Creating ASP.NET Applications

.NET Development & .NET Framework

.NET Enterprise Services

Design Guidelines for Class Libraries

FXCOP: Guidelines Conformance Tool

Message Queues & Reliable Messaging

Performance Tips & Tricks

Compact Framework Sample Other Course

Localization Toolkit & Globalization



Improving .NET Performance & Scalability

Microsoft Systems Architecture Data Centers

?Architecture Centre & Patterns & Practices

User Interface Process (MVC Implementation)

Data Access Application Block

Exception Management Application Block

Debugging Block & Caching Block

Offline Application Block Logging App Block

Aggregation Application Block

Updater Block & Configuration Block

Asynchronous Invocation Application Block

Design Patterns (Creational, Structural, Behavioral)

Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF)

Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF)

Building Distributed Applications

Enterprise Templates Source2 & Source3

Passing Data through Tiers


Life-cycle Guides

ASP.NET Web Application Development Models

Team Development: SourceSafe+VS.NET

Deploying .NET Applications

Operating .NET Applications & Monitoring

Data Access Architecture Guide:(connection strings)

Caching Architecture Guide

BuildIt Tool on MSDN External Build Tool

Unit Testing

Enterprise Instrumentation ?HOW TO Download

Development Tool Partners Source2 Source3

.NET Services

Delivery of Notifications to devices: .NET Alerts

Single Sign-on: Passport? & .NET with Passport

MapPoint.NET Web Service for GIS Applications

Event/Notification Management

SQL Notification Services Home Page

Technical Whitepaper

Web Services

NameSpaces & SOAP styles & WSDL

Interface Based Services & Specifications

Getting Started with XML Web Services

Interoperability using WS-I Basic Profile

Build Web Services

Web Services Extensions (WSE)

Performance Considerations Sharing Types

Web Services Versioning & Loose Coupling

Securing B2B XML Web Services

Dynamic invocation using UDDI

Role Based Security Addressing over SMTP

Interoperability Resources Source2

WebServices or Remoting Source2 Source3

Web Services Provisioning Indigo Overview



Improving Web Application Security

Windows 2000 Security Best Practices

Secure Coding Guidelines

Securing Applications WS-Security vs. SAML

ASP.NET Web Application Security

Authentication in ASP.NET & ADAM & ADAM

Authorization Manager Installation Guide

Windows Server 2003 & .NET Servers

Comparison of Editions

New Features of Windows Server 2003

Developing Applications for 2003 Server

Windows Server 2003 Security Guide

Other .NET Enterprise Servers

SharePoint 2003 Developers Conference


Miscellaneous PDC 2003 ROI Calculator

VB.NET or C# DataGrid or DataList or Repeater

ASP.NET Site & GotDotNET site XML Tools

OnLine Communities Columns, Magazine Articles

Knowledge Base: INFO: HOW TO: keyword

Web.Config Editor?? Useful Tools? Useful Controls

SOAP Tracing: Article SOAP Toolkit 3.0 Source3

Utilities: SOAPValidator Web Services XMLTools

Web Casts(IMP): New Prev Support PPTArchive

Books on .NET: MSPress Books & Articles

JSP to ASP.NET Migration Guide MVC Designs

J2EE to .NET Migration & Java ->.NET

.NET & J2EE Interoperability Book